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Transform your idea, concept, hobby or passion into a successful online business


is a business co-creator and incubator

Our Customers

are everyday people who want to turn their passion into a business 

We Validate

their idea, concept, product(s) and/or service(s) using PowerHouse

We Back

them with the expertise, resources and support they need to be successful

Then We

co-create their dream online business together



being able to conceive of an idea and having the ability to prove it’s worth and make it real


being able to turn your hobby into your full time gig


turning something special you’ve already created into a thriving online business


turning your story of overcoming adversity into a profitable online course

It's Here

Morpheus will transform your idea, concept, hobby or passion into an independently successful online business

Products, Services & Support

PowerLaunch Bundle

(online incubation program)

we’ve partnered with PowerHouse to offer an online incubation program like no other

Online Workshops

(Via Zoom or Skype)

launch your business via online workshops facilitated by a PowerLaunch certified Coach and Mentor

Freelance Services

(talent pool)

build a virtual team of people who believe in your vision and have the necessary skills to help you reach success

PowerLaunch Sponsorship

(and advertising grants)

Need financial support or backing? Apply for a PowerLaunch sponsorship and/or advertising grant

The PowerLaunch bundle is the perfect recipe for success

Morpheus has simplified your blueprint for success


pre-Launch and build a list of engaged superfans willing to help you test your concept


create and then launch your product(s) and/or service(s) to some or all of your superfans and use their feedback to improve


run test online advertising campaigns and access deeper insights to maximise your returns


ramp up your advertising and launch an affiliate program to make your product(s) and/or service(s) go viral

“How do I know if my idea is valid or not?”

“Morpheus will enable the worth of your idea to be revealed, giving you the confidence to step forward.”

Benefits of building your dream business with Morpheus

Turn your passion into a successful business quickly and easily

Work on your project online in realtime with your Mentor

Access our talented pool of Freelancers

Sponsorship and grants available for approved applicants

Meet the Founder of Morpheus

David Ding

David Ding

Chimeric Co-Creator

& Founder of PowerHouse and Morpheus

Email Us

Got a question? Send us an email

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